Cybersecurity for Decision Makers

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An overview course oriented on enhancing effective decision making across the span of national security stakeholders in the context of cyber operations and cybersecurity.

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Duration: 3-Day Course

Course Description

Cyber security threat. Computer screen with programming code.

This overview course offers a launchpad for several integrated and dynamically updated courses oriented on enhancing effective decision making across the span of national security stakeholders. Built on a framework of real-world cyber operations and adversary threat knowledge, this offering baselines an understanding of cyber operations in design and execution, adversary motivation and tradecraft, understanding and assessing risk, cybersecurity and network operations, the impact of human factors in cyber, cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management, incident response, and shifting from a culture of compliance to a culture of trust. Follow-on courses will offer deep-dives and synthesize case studies related to policy development, military and civilian decision makers, technologists, project managers and acquisition professionals, among others.

Key Takeaways

  • Examine the motivations of threat actors and how they operate in cyberspace

  • Explain how risk is managed in cyberspace

  • Select best practices for network security and security operations

  • Analyze the roles of cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and incident response in securing and defending networks

  • Deconstruct the human factors that impact cyberspace operations

  • Establish a positive cybersecurity culture



Who Should Take this Course

Attendees generally located in the Washington DC metro area (National Capital Region) to avail themselves of a combination of remote and in-person learning within a structured cohort.

Uniformed military stationed in the National Capital Region (NCR) who would like to initiate and sustain a disciplined track of discovery and knowledge development on cybersecurity and cyberspace operations.

DoD/USG professional civilian looking to develop understanding of cybersecurity and national resiliency issues to promote a continuity in planning and policy shaping.

Industry and/or academic cohort looking to develop a cross-disciplinary exposure into the nexus of cybersecurity, technology, and national security.

Program Manager/Executive or Acquisition Professional looking to understand and better assess cybersecurity risk assessment and long-term Defense Industrial Base compliance and supply chain vulnerability.

Upcoming Offerings

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Jenny Kelley
Chief Scientist
Jenny Kelley serves as the Chief Scientist of the Cyber Warfare Systems Group within the Asymmetric Operations Sector at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
James Caroland
James Caroland is an active-duty Navy Captain in the Cyber Warfare Engineer community.  He is currently the Chair of the Cyber Science Department at the U.S. Naval Academy.