Dan Yaroslaski, MS, MMS, MOS

About Me

Dan Yaroslaski is a JHUAPL Senior Professional Staff member of in the Tactical Intelligence Systems group within the Asymmetrical Operations Sector. His areas of expertise are organizational strategy, strategic planning, change management, and system thinking/development. Dan is currently working on the application of Artificial Intelligence in support of DoD crewed/uncrewed teaming and autonomous ISR capabilities.

Education & Industry Experience

Dan retired from the Marine Corps after a 32-year career that included developing Marine Corps cyberspace operations, establishing the ability to operate in the information environment, combatant command operational planning, and the development of service strategy. Dan holds Masters Degrees in Strategic Planning, Operational Design, and Military/Organizational Planning, and spent 15 years as an adjunct faculty member of the Marine Corps University College of Distance Education and Training.

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Human head with a luminous brain network. Digital brain, Analysis information, Cyber mind, Deep and Machine learning, Consciousness, Artificial intelligence, Technology background concept.

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Leading Data and AI-Enabled Organizations: For Executive Leaders (US Government)

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