Artificial Intelligence

AI: What Senior Leaders Need to Know (US Government)

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This course provides senior government leaders with the tools to harness artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of their organizations using a holistic perspective on AI technology integration.

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Course Description

Artificial Intelligence course

As AI permeates every aspect of society, leaders are faced with deciding how to effectively harness the potential value of AI technology. “AI: What Senior Leaders Need to Know?” unpacks this question and provides a comprehensive approach to beneficially adopt AI technology and minimize the risk of experiencing the technology valley of death.

We introduce a 6-D framework for an end-to-end perspective on AI technology design and deployment. A comprehensive technology roadmap will be introduced to gauge the maturity of various AI technology offerings. The course ends with an interactive exercise that will help participants create concrete action plans for AI adoption in their respective organizations.

Key Takeaways

Comprehensive actions plans for effectively adopting AI technologies

  • Understanding of the AI state-of-the-art opportunities and pitfalls

  • Awareness of the AI research-and-development roadmap

  • Developing an action plan for implementing AI in their commands



Who Should Take this Course

Senior government organizational leaders who are considering integrating AI into their business models.

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Kevin Ligozio
Kevin Ligozio serves as the technical director and assistant group supervisor of the Tactical Intelligence Systems Group within the Asymmetric Operations Sector at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
Barton Paulhamus
Bart Paulhamus is the chief of the Intelligent Systems Center at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory.
John Piorkowski
John Piorkowski serves as the Chief AI Architect and supervisor of the Applied Information Sciences Branch within the Asymmetric Operations Sector at the Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory. 
Dan Yaroslaski
Dan Yaroslaski is a senior professional staff member in the Tactical Intelligence Systems group within the Asymmetrical Operations Sector at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.